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Model Railroad Layouts

model train scales

Save Up To 67% On The Retail Price of Model Train Equipment...

Model Railroad

Avoid The 7 Common Mistakes Almost Every Beginner Makes... And Save a Massive Amount of Time And Money...

Have you ever wondered how you could have one of those amazingly realistic looking and incredibly well detailed model train layouts in the space you have available and within your budget... no matter how limited?

Have you wondered how the best model train layouts never seem to suffer with derailments or erratic stops and starts?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, then you are about to discover the one unique resource on the internet that can make your model train dream a reality in days!

This is the very best source of specialized model train how-to information. It will teach you how to create a model train layout that you will be supremely proud of. 

This is a comprehensive beginner through to intermediate, step-by-step approach to the best hobby in the world.


From: Greg Chadwick

Dear Friend,

The information in this downloadable step-by-step system is an absolute "must have" for beginners and will also benefit any intermediate railroader... Even better, is the fact that this information is laid out in a way that's easy to understand, easy to use, and even easier to put into action right away. 

Just follow the process laid out in this book and soon you'll be well on your way to having the model railroad you've always wanted!

Do You Want To Have That
Dream Model Railroad?

One that you are incredibly proud of and want to show off to your family and friends... 

...Even if you have no idea where to start, have never been creative in your life and have no electrical knowledge at all? 

Of course you do -- who doesn't want a detailed, intricate, realistic and well built model train layout that they can be supremely proud of?

From the outside, model trains can look like a hobby requiring a large skill set... planning the best layout for the space you have available, building the model train table, creating mountains, bridges, tunnels, ponds and waterfalls... 

Model Railroad Tips

This Can All Seem Daunting, Expensive
AND Time Consuming!

Then there is the electrical side... making sure you don't short circuit the new digital controller that you saved months for!

If you are thinking that... It's not your fault! 

You see there are some veteran railroaders that would prefer you to think that. It makes them look good! 

The truth is, with the right information, anyone can create the model train layout of their dreams. 

There is no better way to learn to be a planner, to be creative, to work out electrics and much more... than building a model train layout. 

With The Right Information You Can Make It Happen...
Within Your Budget, Timeline & Space Available.

What better way to relax than to build your own model train world...

You don't have to be good with your hands, be an electrician, be a carpenter or an artist to create your own detailed model train layout. 

What you do need is the right information, laid out in the right way, so that you can make the right decisions that lead to your layout being created in the correct sequence from the ground up. 

Once you have all of this in your hands, it's only a matter of time until you're sitting back, relaxing, and watching your dream model trains run!

Now, I know you're probably thinking, can I really create a model train layout of my dreams?

And I am here to tell you... 


With this step-by-step guide "Model Trains and Layouts" you absolutely can. You deserve to have the model railroad of your dreams... think of all the family, friends and children that will share your enjoyment as your locomotive and the cars travel through the tunnel and over the bridge you created. 

For the first time ever, there is a complete and easy to use resource available to show you exactly how to do this. What's more, you can use the information in this book to help others with their layouts. Some of my readers have charged for this service, or traded their skills for model train accessories - that is a huge money saving tip!

Sound Like Something You'd Like To Do?

Well, this is exactly what you CAN do, thanks to Model Trains and Layouts! 

You see, up until now, any beginner trying to build a detailed and intricate model train layout similar to the ones you see at the model train shows, was pretty much a 'hit and miss' proposition. 

Oh, you could spend lots of money at the local hobby shop dealing with a sales person that doesn't know much about model trains and just sells you what they have on their shelf.

Or you could buy a library of model train books from your local book store, and take hours sifting through the information. 

But who has that kind of spare cash, time and patience?

Up until now, there simply haven't been any good specialized resources available to teach you the short cuts, tips and tricks to creating your dream model train layout in the space, time and budget you have available... 

Now, everything is different.  The situation has changed dramatically. You don't have to live through the painful process of dealing with the inexperienced sales person at your local hobby shop, or sifting through 10 books to find some information, or surfing the internet for hours on end for answers... because the amazing resource you need is right here, right now, and it's incredibly easy to own and use.

So Where Can YOU Turn, To Learn The "Closely Guarded" Tips, Tricks And Secrets To Model Trains?

"Model Trains for Beginners" Contains The Vital Secrets
You Must Have To Create The Model Train layout of Your Dreams!

Inside this amazing book you will find a complete collection of all the specialized information you need:

model train layout

How to quickly and easily get started with your dream model train layout... explained in a step-by-step format.

model railroad

How to avoid the common beginner mistakes and what to look for... Planning to save time, money and frustration.

model railroad scenery

How to create a realistic, but functional layout... clever ideas and useful tips for building realistic looking scenery.

model train scale

How to quickly and easily repair minor problems yourself... maintenance and repairs made easy.

This is just a small sampling of the vital step-by-step information available. "Model Trains and Layouts" has the unique information and ideas you need to create that model train layout of your dreams!

Don't waste another minute; get started on planning your dream model train layout today!

What Valuable Secrets Are Revealed
Model Trains and Layouts?

Here's just some of what you're going to learn...

model train sets

How to pick and build the perfect layout to suit your budget and the space you have available? One that will provide loads of fun for years to come.

model railroad DCC

What is a DCC system and can analog locomotives be run with decoders on a DCC system?


How do you convert your analog layout to a DCC system and should you even consider DCC?

model train locomotives

Why you need boosters in your system and how to calculate how many locomotives you can run at one time with 1 transformer?

model railroad wiring

How to avoid those frustrating electrical shorts on your turnouts?

model train scale

Which model train scale should you consider and why? The pros and cons of the different scales.

ho scale model train

What to buy and from where, so you get more value for your money? We tell you what to buy cheap and upgrade later and which items you should never skimp on.

model railroad plans

How to avoid the BIG mistake when making natural looking trees?

model train tracks

The easiest way to build and add realism to your tunnels?

model railroad scenery

The 7 common household items that can be used to build fences, scenery, rocks, roads and more.

model train scenery

The best way to create grassed meadows and fields and fire scenes!

model railroad trains

How to create a pond, stream or river that your friends and family will believe it's real water.

model railroad track

The 4 different model railroad track options explained and compared to allow you to make an informed decision on what you should be using.

model train locomotives

Which locomotive and rolling stock should you buy and where? Why there are certain model train locomotives you should definitely avoid.

model railroad scenery

All the track cleaning methods explained and what not to do. Easy ways to maintain and keep your layout clean... easily keep your trees and scenery free from dust and cobwebs.

model train repairs

What repairs you should do yourself and when you should use an experienced repairer.

model railroad rolling stock

The secrets to creating realism and an aged look... how to create rust, mud and tire marks on your rolling stock.

model railroad locomotive

Which power pack should you use to get a more realistic stop and start motion from your locomotives?

model railroad train layout

Which track underlay you should be using to muffle the noise levels of your layout?

model railroad wiring

How to wire your layout for more than 1 train operation.

model train

A full glossary to explain the model train language.

model train power supply

And much, MUCH more...

That's just some of what you'll find in Model Trains and Layouts. I'm sure you can see the enormous content in this step-by-step guide. It has been developed from over 2,300 readers (beginners to very advanced readers) providing their comments and feedback... so it is guaranteed to answer every question you have.

You Deserve To Have The Model Train
Layout Of Your Dreams

You're probably worried that Model Trains for Beginners will cost you a fortune....but you have nothing to worry about.

As you know, I always strive to provide extreme value in every offer that I put together and this time is no different.

While others have told me that to get the same information in physical books you would need to spend over $400.00. 

And by following the tips in this book you are likely to save thousands of dollars over your model train lifetime... But I'm not going to charge anywhere near $200.00.

In fact, if you are decisive and take action today you are going to get 
"Model Trains for Beginners" for the incredibly low price of just $27.

Now doesn't that sound fair?

But, there's more! 

To make sure that this is a great investment for you, I'll throw in 5 bonuses ($135.00 value) at absolutely no charge, but ONLY if you buy today. They are:

model train transformer
model train structures model train accessories
Bonuses Valid To  
model train gauges FREE Bonus # 1 (worth $27.00) - The 7 Best  Ways To Save Money Building Your Model Railroad.

Model Railroading can be a very expensive hobby... Often the cost is what stops people considering the hobby dead in their tracks.

But it doesn't have to be that way. With these 7 ways you could save up to 67% on the retail price of model train equipment.

This is a valuable report which could save you hundreds of dollars over your model railroading years... You get this report FREE today, even though It sells for $27.00 everyday.

model train weathering FREE Bonus # 2 (worth $27.00) - Weathering Made Simple.

Weathering is the art of making something new look old. And realism is what sets a great model railroad apart from an okay model railroad...

This report has helped hundreds of people create realistic looking model railroads by weathering their buildings, rolling stock, locomotives, fences, light poles and sometimes people.

This is an interesting and fun part of the hobby. It is very inexpensive to weather your models, but will add a huge amount of value to your model railroad. You get this report FREE today, even though It sells for $27.00 everyday.

model railroad FREE Bonus # 3 (worth $27.00) -  A Model Railroading Glossary and Resources.

This glossary and resources report is worth twice the price of the package on its own...

Knowing the model railroading language is half the battle won. Model railroading sounds confusing because railroaders talk in railroading language. Understand this language and you will find the confusion just falls away. Our glossary will do this for you.

The resources section provides valuable names and addresses for purchasing of parts and other specialized information... You get this report FREE today, even though It sells for $27.00 everyday.

model railroad books

FREE Bonus # 4 (worth $27.00) - A Quick Start Guide To Model Railroading.

This comprehensive series of 9 short videos (optimized for viewing on slow internet connections) will get you started quickly and easily with your dream model railroad today. 

You'll be surprised how easily you can build a very realistic layout that provides a huge amount of fun on a low budget.

You get this report FREE today, even though It sells for $27.00 everyday.

model railroad mistakes

FREE Bonus # 5 (worth $27.00) - The Model Train Mistakes Almost All Beginners Make.

This is must have information if you are considering model railroading. 

The information is guaranteed to save you money plus a huge amount of wasted time and frustration.

You get this report FREE today, even though It sells for $27.00 everyday.

model train set

So with this huge amount of value (just the bonuses are worth more than $135.00)... Why am I giving this to you for just $27?

Simple... This information is delivered as a download as soon as your payment is processed. So I have no fulfilment costs and am passing these savings on to you. 

model train booksYou'll get a pdf file which is readable on any computer, PC or Mac. Because the file is saved on your computer, you can read it day or night, whenever you want. It works on any computer! The download takes about 4 to 5 minutes on the slowest dial-up internet connection. Other internet connections are much faster. 

You are free to print whichever sections you want. We are developing physical copies, but these will cost more than 3 times the price of this offer due to printing and postage costs. 

The other reason, is that I know how much good this information will do... keep the kids off the X-box, Playstation and Television... provide great family bonding time... provide a relaxing hobby for retirees and so much more... so I've made it affordable!

But To Make It An Absolute "No-Brainer" Decision
I Will Also Offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee...

model train layouts
My Personal 60 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Let Me Protect Your Investment...
And Make Your Decision Risk Free!

I have no doubt, that when you download your model railroading how to package, you will be very happy with your purchase. 

How do I know? Because the information has been created around the feedback of thousands of readers. 

So, we know exactly what information you need to build your dream model railroad... within the budget, time and space you have available.

However, if you feel that the information is not for you, just let me know within 60 Days and I will refund you in full... No questions asked!

I believe in giving people value for what they paid for. So, if you don't honestly feel that you could write to me saying how good the information is, I want to refund your money in full.

I'm a stand up person and I have a reputation to protect. So, if you feel the information is not worth the price you paid, I'll gladly issue you a refund.

I'm sure you will agree... that is a very fair deal? 

ho scale model train

It's Time For You To Build That Model Train Layout
That You Have Always Dreamed Of Having...

Think about this, for a measly $27 today you can be on your way!

This is a small sum to pay, to get straight-to-the-point information! You can be reading this information on your computer screen within 5 minutes... even if it's 2 in the morning!

With our Money Back Guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain!

The price is really a painless drop in the bucket to be able to get your hands on "
Model Trains for Beginners" and the 6 bonuses. You will be able to start using it right away! 

Just one idea in the information could save you hundreds of dollars, which makes investing the $27 a no-brainer.

It's easy to get started. Just click the "Add To Cart" button below...

Yes!  Please Give Me INSTANT ACCESS To The Complete Model Railroading How To System
With No Monthly Subscription

Model Trains and Layouts


I understand that I'll be able to immediately download:

  • The complete "Model Trains For Beginners" step by step guide (version 2.0) - over 100 pages of instruction with color illustrations, photos and videos! ($27.00 value) 

  • The "7 Best  Ways To Save Money Building Your Model Railroad" special report ($27.00 value)

  • The "Weathering Made Simple" special report - full size color photos and complete tutorials! ($27.00 value)

  • The "Model Railroading Glossary and Resources" special report ($27.00 value)

  • The "Quick Start Guide To Model Railroading" special report - 9 videos optimized for slow internet connections ($27.00 value)

  • The "Model Train Mistakes Almost All Beginners Make" special report ($27.00 value)

I realize that this entire package is mine for just one payment of $27...

As long as I act right now.

I also understand that I get instant digital access. So, I can use the information right away. I can view the information on my computer, burn it to a CD or print out what I need.

NOTE: This product will not be shipped to you it is a downloadable digital ebook.

After purchase you will receive an email with your download instructions.

HONESTe Online Member Seal Click to verify - Before you buy!
n scale model train

Once your payment is approved, you will be taken to a special page where you will download the Model Trains and Layouts step-by-step guide and the bonuses.

You will be downloading and reading the information within just a few minutes... and be well on the way to creating the model railroad of your dreams!

Take Action, And Get Started Now! Not Tomorrow, Start Today!

You are minutes away from being able to have all the information to create the model train layout of your dreams.  Our guide will reveal the secrets to help you on your way.

Don't You Owe It To Yourself To Try
'Model Trains and Layouts' Today?

You will be so glad that you can finally build that model train layout of your dreams. Don't spend weeks trying to "figure it out" let me show you the way!


Greg Chadwick

P.S. You deserve to finally have the model train layout of your dreams... Spending the $27 is an absolute "no-brainer" just to learn about the costly model train mistakes almost every beginner makes and get the answers to every question you have. 

PLUS you get the fast action bonuses valued at more than $135.00... 

PLUS you get my personal 100% money-back guarantee... It doesn't get any better than that !!

But you need to be quick as the bonuses expire at midnight... Click Here Now!

This is what other model railroaders had to say...

A Better Alternative To Video Games and Television...

My interest in model railroading has resurfaced just recently when I became a grandfather. I wanted to have something to do with my grandson that would inspire him, develop a since of creativity, imagination and a kind of hands-on skill set that didn’t involve video games and television....


I Always Wanted To Design and Build My Own Railroad...

I have always been amazed and impressed with the craftsmanship and detail other model railroaders have devoted into their hobby, as a somewhat creative person myself, I have always wanted to design and build my own HO scale railroad...

You Can Put As Much Or As Little As You can Afford Into It...

At this time I have just begun doing the research, on line and with a couple of our local hobby retailers, asking some of the basic questions around scale, track type, controllers, and most importantly cost. In today’s economy I need to be smart about my spending, and to be honest it appears that in the world of model railroading you can put as much, or as little as you can afford into it, and still get a great deal of satisfaction from the experience....


We Appreciate All Of the Help...

I’m looking forward to many years with my grandson as we build our own miniature world of railroads, landscaping and buildings and we appreciate any and all of the help we can get....

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